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Vocational Diagnosis and Assessment of Residual Employability (VDARE) was a structured method for determining transferable skills developed by Dr. Billy McCroskey. This paper-and-pencil method is no longer in publication. It is currently represented as software [WAGELOSS]. I originally created the Rehabilitation Consultant as a Rapid Access Development (RAD) program or research tool to explore transferable skills analysis. Rehabilitation Consultant was modified into Volcano and then reduced back to VDARE. The information acquired through research was also used to modify the MVQS program. During the years of software development, Rehabilitation Consultant has continued to provide useful research and is currently called VDARE + to distinguish it from earlier versions.

The 2021 version of the program is FREE.

There is no charge for the software. I would appreciate an email telling me the name and email address of people that use the program so I can notify them of any changes or improvements.

Kenneth L. Dennis, Ph.D.
305 Greeley Street South
Suite 205, Box 23
Stillwater, MN 55082
Email ken.dennis@juno.com
Phone 800 595-4053

The program is designed to run on a thumb drive, memory stick, or external drive [whatever you want to call it]. Of course, it will run on a main computer drive, but Widows is very picky about you doing that. This is a research tool that I use for disability evaluations. The 4 ZIP files need to be in a subdirectory called WAGEDATA. The program WAGELOSS.EXE must be in a location where it can find the WAGEDATA subdirectory. The program will look for the files where it is located. It will not go looking for things somewhere else. That is why it is set up for a memory stick.

There is a group of people currently updating the McCroskey Vocational Quotient System (MVQS) program, and the VDARE + software has been updated to assist in their efforts.